Tip: SIE Commission President will call the meeting to hear his Melescanu


PSD leader Victor Ponta said Monday that parliamentary oversight committee chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service activity that is PSD deputy, will call the meeting to hear his Melescanu proposed by President Traian Basescu for the post of Director of SIE.

Member of the European Court of Auditors: Audit Commission will intensify risk countries


Commission audits in high-risk countries will increase, said Ovidiu Ispir member of ECA, indicating that the EP asked him not to regard deficiencies EC Member State authorities that are not part of its sphere of responsibility.

Udrea: USL wants to drop the absence of Parliament, but needs a reasonable excuse


The opposition wants to quit absence from Parliament - an action that cost already election - but needs a "reasonable excuse in front of their electorate," said Saturday, vicepeşedintele PDL Elena Udrea.

Frunda: UDMR lost last opportunity to leave the ruling coalition


UDMR Senator Gyorgy Frunda said Saturday in Targu Mures, that "UDMR lost last opportunity to leave the ruling coalition" after the resignation of Prime Minister Emil Boc and thinks can not escape "the dance" from now on.

Kelemen: We expect Parliament to provide education in Hungarian at UMF, not from the Rector


UDMR President Kelemen Hunor, says that the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Targu Mures' have been held and education in Hungarian ", adding that he expects the Rector and Senate UMF ensure this goal, but the Romanian Parliament.

Becali: I allied with the local PDL. I supported Negoiţă City Hall, but he will not be candidate


PNG PNG president said Saturday that, whilst supporting his nomination for mayor Liviu Negoita, PDL was another option and will support his party because he decided to ally with the Liberal Democrats in elections Bucharest.

Becali: The PDL who said that PNG is not the Popular Movement did nothing in life


PNG PNG president said Saturday that PDL members who said that PNG and PP-DD would be part of a future popular movement "are people who did nothing either in life or in politics" .

Laszlo Tokes: Give them symbolically, a prohibition to enter Transylvania who attack their own country, Hungary


President CNMT, Laszlo Tokes, he proposed, Saturday, participants in the first Congress of the Hungarian People's Party of Transylvania (PPMT) to take a stand and ban them, symbolically, Magyars "who attacked their country to come to Transylvania and in Transylvania ".

Teaches: The only positive contribution to political Becali would be silent, jaw


The only contribution "Becali positive in Romanian politics would be silent," he said Saturday MEP Cristian Preda, in response to criticism of President PNG.

Ontanu, Negoiţă, Piedone, Poterasi, LDP candidates in the district municipalities of the capital - sources


Nicholas Ontanu, Liviu Negoita, Cristian Popescu Cristian Poterasi Piedone and PDL candidates in municipalities will be 2,3,4 and 6 sectors of Bucharest, candidate for City Hall will be set up on March 15 said on Saturday, AFP sources PDL.

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